Welcome to the BUIHA Podcast

What is this?

Rambo and Nick just two guys with a passion for BUIHA hockey and with a little too much free time on their hands bring you the new for 2017-18 BUIHA Pod, featuring previews and where possible reviews, as well as some complaints about Dave, mooching to the overlord, compliments of smiling Joe Staton and some general patting of their own backs for just how funny and clever they are. Oh and don't forget Rambo's appetite for trying to get baked goods from Nick's mum. In future there will be interviews and more news from around the various BUIHA clubs. So Tune In to BUIHA and Tune Out of world events.

Who are they?

Richard 'Rambo' Gray has been involved in hockey for over two decades and has a passion for ice hockey and sport in general, with a tendency to shout out about kabaddi. He brings all that experience to the table and still manages to talk (albeit entertaining) grade A nonsense.

In addition to the podcast, Rambo spends his free time serving as the BUIHA Fixtures Manager, holding this role since 2015.

Nick Ivill has been a part of the Northumbria Kings for over 7 years; playing in over 100 matches and acting as Chairman of the club for several of these years. Over the last two years he and Rambo have become the voice of the BUIHA Nationals, with Nick providing both the food and 'on ice' insight.

Nick has served as BUIHA Players Rep in the past and has more recently been appointed the BUIHA Events Manager.

You can contact the BUIHA Pod at podcast@buiha.org.uk