2016-17 Tier 4 Power Rankings

Northumbria Kings B

1 - Northumbria Kings B New Entry

W: 8D: 1L: 1GF: 109GA: 21GD: +88PP%: 50.0PK%: 87.5
Pts: Eley (33) G: Eley (22) A: Watson (13) SAV%: Brooks (0.88)
Northumbria Kings B
The Kings B have absolutely romped Division 2 Non-Checking North this season and a plus 87 goal difference only a fool would bet against them taking tier 4's title. It is like they know that hockey is about scoring the most goals or something.
Kent Knights

2 - Kent Knights New Entry

W: 7D: 0L: 0GF: 53GA: 14GD: +39PP%: 41.7PK%: 66.7
Pts: Waters (30) G: Waters (22) A: Waters (8) SAV%: Healey (0.92)
Kent Knights
The Knights are the only team who appear to be undefeated in the South with some punishing performances. Can the Knights put the Kings in check mate? This weekend will have the answer.
Bradford Sabres

3 - Bradford Sabres New Entry

W: 4D: 1L: 3GF: 48GA: 35GD: +13PP%: 28.6PK%: 85.0
Pts: Broadley (18) G: Knizat (11) A: Broadley (8) SAV%: Ghiasi (0.87)
Bradford Sabres
Sticking in the North for the second pick we have the Sabres, who have had a decent season themselves coming second in Division 2 North. The biggest disappointment for them has to be the lack of a Yorkshire derby.
Sheffield Bears E

4 - Sheffield Bears E New Entry

W: 0D: 0L: 1GF: 1GA: 3GD: -2PP%: 0.0PK%: 0.0
Pts: Day (1) G: Day (1) A: Salter (0) SAV%: Parker (0.93)
Sheffield Bears E
I am not sure if they'll be like their D team only with a different letter of the alphabet after their name or not, but the home town Bears very rarely crash out early at Nationals, though when they do it is hilarious. Unfortunately for comedy fans the Bears will like maul a few teams this weekends.
Oxford Womens Blues

5 - Oxford Womens Blues New Entry

W: 7D: 1L: 7GF: 47GA: 100GD: -53PP%: 3.4PK%: 75.0
Pts: Hänggi (23) G: Hänggi (20) A: Park (4) SAV%: McLoughlin (0.77)
Oxford Womens Blues
The Blues have had a season they'd probably rather forget and paracute into Tier 4 as the only team with Division 1 experience. With Jennifer Lawrence having moved on they seem to be hungering to win more games.
Imperial Devils B

6 - Imperial Devils B Down 4

W: 3D: 0L: 2GF: 20GA: 17GD: +3PP%: 10.0PK%: 100.0
Pts: Walding (10) G: Walding (7) A: Walding (3) SAV%: Hertzog (0.90)
Imperial Devils B
The Devils B's biggest issue this year seems to relate to keyboard and mouse as they have 2 game sheets missing out of 3 from their home ties. They have the cheek to slag the Yetis too. In fairness have at it... the Yetis are fun to wind up.
Cambridge Womens Blues

7 - Cambridge Womens Blues Up 5

W: 8D: 0L: 1GF: 86GA: 34GD: +52PP%: 23.5PK%: 75.0
Pts: Dobson (18) G: Warner (15) A: Neaverson (6) SAV%: Owen (0.84)
Cambridge Womens Blues
The Cambridge Womens Blues won Division 3 Non Checking. With 5 players averaging over 2 points a game and veterans on board such as Aimee Neaverson and the people's champion Cosmin this team could be serious contenders, though they are perhaps yet to be tested at this level.
Southampton Spitfires C

8 - Southampton Spitfires C Up 3

W: 3D: 1L: 2GF: 34GA: 27GD: +7PP%: 0.0PK%: 50.0
Pts: Culbertson (9) G: Culbertson (7) A: Dye (5) SAV%: Hughes (0.88)
Southampton Spitfires C
I have a rule about never ranking a Southampton too low, because any time I do they make me look foolish. 8th is pretty low, but as runners up in Division 3 I cannot go any higher than this.
Cardiff Redhawks B

9 - Cardiff Redhawks B Up 1

W: 2D: 0L: 3GF: 19GA: 21GD: -2PP%: 0.0PK%: 73.3
Pts: Hubback (5) G: Miller (3) A: Hubback (3) SAV%: John (0.84)
Cardiff Redhawks B
The Breadhawks have had better seasons, but at least they can cling to the fact that at first clance their goal difference is respectable and they haven't been on the side of any real pastings. That said I think their is more chance of somebody being dissatisfied with their post drinking chippy lane experience than Cardiff winning Nationals.
Newcastle Wildcats Womens

10 - Newcastle Wildcats Womens Down 2

W: 5D: 2L: 7GF: 29GA: 62GD: -33PP%: 10.0PK%: 66.7
Pts: Towns (20) G: Towns (14) A: Towns (6) SAV%: Lim (0.88)
Newcastle Wildcats Womens
Previously a threat at Nationals having made it to the knock outs last year. This season has not been their best. They will have to go some to turn around and go far this weekend. I have a feeling that they may be headed back to the Toon late Sunday afternoon, unless they are out on the lash on Sunday of course.
Leeds Gryphons B

11 - Leeds Gryphons B New Entry

W: 1D: 0L: 8GF: 17GA: 96GD: -79PP%: 0.0PK%: 57.1
Pts: Rodrigues (8) G: Burnham (4) A: Rodrigues (4) SAV%: McKinney (0.87)
Leeds Gryphons B
The addition of the Gryphons B is more than welcome considering how well their A team did last year in non-checking. It is a real tribute to the club's committment to grow that they are able to field two teams in their second year. Unfortunately for them they have not had a winning record this year, but they should keep it respectable.
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B

12 - Coventry and Warwick Panthers B New Entry

W: 0D: 0L: 6GF: 7GA: 44GD: -37PP%: 11.1PK%: 81.8
Pts: Cotton (2) G: Schikora (1) A: Farestvedt (1) SAV%: Field-Howick (0.81)
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B
Do Panthers get furballs? If they do it might explain why this team choked something awful this year. When you are 0-5 and have really poor goal difference I am afraid that you will be ranked last.



Group 1

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Kent Knights Knights 5 5 0 0 1 10
Northumbria Kings B Kings B 5 4 0 1 0 8
Southampton Spitfires C Spitfires C 5 3 0 2 0 6
Sheffield Bears E Bears E 5 2 0 3 0 4
Sheffield Bears Women Bears Women 5 0 1 4 0 1
Leeds Gryphons B Gryphons B 5 0 1 4 0 1

Group 2

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Imperial Devils B Devils B 5 4 1 0 0 9
Newcastle Wildcats Womens Wildcats Womens 5 3 1 1 0 7
Oxford Womens Blues Womens Blues 5 2 3 0 0 7
Bradford Sabres Sabres 5 2 0 3 0 4
Cardiff Redhawks B Redhawks B 5 0 2 3 0 2
Cambridge Womens Blues Womens Blues 5 0 1 4 0 1