2014-15 Tier 3 Power Rankings

Northumbria Kings B

1 - Northumbria Kings B Up 1

W: 14D: 0L: 1GF: 192GA: 27GD: +165PP%: 30.0PK%: 96.3
Pts: Steel (72) G: Steel (47) A: Ivill (32) SAV%: Jurzanovs (0.89)
Northumbria Kings B
Finishing 9 and 1 is not bad on any season, but being +123 in goal differential is more than just a little impressive. The Kings club has dominated the top non-checking divisions for the past two seasons and this season was no different with the exception of one little blip against the Metrostars C team. The Kings B will be hot favourites to lift another non-checking title.
Manchester Metros B

2 - Manchester Metros B New Entry

W: 8D: 0L: 5GF: 87GA: 85GD: +2PP%: 56.3PK%: 14.3
Pts: MacKinnon (36) G: Frewin (19) A: MacKinnon (22) SAV%: Hapgood (1.00)
Manchester Metros B
Ordinarily the number two spot in the Power Rankings is reserved for the best in the other group, but I've broken tradition this year. The Metrostars B finished second to the Kings B this season and had two wins from two in March. They have finished strong and if anyone will dethrone the Kings it will be them.
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B

3 - Coventry and Warwick Panthers B Up 3

W: 6D: 0L: 3GF: 64GA: 33GD: +31PP%: 6.7PK%: 78.3
Pts: Landon (28) G: Landon (14) A: Landon (14) SAV%: Kennard (0.90)
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B
The Panthers B side have earned a playoff spot against the Kings and will be the favourites to win group 2 and advance to the semi finals this weekend. With five players in the top ten of Non-Checking South's scoring race they certainly have the talent make some noise.
Oxford Womens Blues

4 - Oxford Womens Blues Up 4

W: 6D: 1L: 2GF: 83GA: 27GD: +56PP%: 35.7PK%: 83.3
Pts: Lawrence (38) G: Lawrence (30) A: Perkio (10) SAV%: Koch (0.92)
Oxford Womens Blues
With 30 goals in 8 games the odds seem to be forever in Blues star Jennifer Lawrence's favour. Beyond that the Blues are still a solid outfit who narrowly missed a playoff berth themselves by one point. They have a win over the Panthers this season and will challenge for the group.
Sheffield Bears C

5 - Sheffield Bears C Up 7

W: 5D: 0L: 5GF: 39GA: 49GD: -10PP%: 22.2PK%: 61.9
Pts: Cockcroft (13) G: Wait (9) A: Cockcroft (7) SAV%: Lee (0.98)
Sheffield Bears C
Finished fourth in the North and arguably should be ranked below Birmingham. However their head to head with the Lions B puts them ahead of them in the Power Rankings. Let us also not forget home ice advantage and that they have a 5-0 forfeit loss to bottom placed Hull on their stat card. They always play better at champs, so they could cause some mayhem.
Birmingham Lions B

6 - Birmingham Lions B Down 3

W: 4D: 2L: 5GF: 40GA: 56GD: -16PP%: 25.9PK%: 68.0
Pts: Robinson (20) G: Robinson (15) A: Robinson (5) SAV%: Donoghue (0.86)
Birmingham Lions B
Finished in third in the North and all in all had a good season. However, their last cup match was a 2-2 tie with a poor Newcastle team. I cannot see them get out of the group they are in.
Southampton Spitfires C

7 - Southampton Spitfires C Up 3

W: 5D: 0L: 3GF: 41GA: 27GD: +14PP%: 32.0PK%: 94.1
Pts: Thompson (16) G: Betts (10) A: Thompson (8) SAV%: Arnold (0.88)
Southampton Spitfires C
The Blues missed out on a playoff berth by one point and the Spitfires C missed out by two points in what was a hotly contested conference. They finished with a fantastic 94.1 per cent on the penalty kill, which either means they are disciplined or solid on special teams and either of those factors is a bonus in Nationals. Being in the same group as the Kings B and Metrostars B will likely be their undoing, hence the fall to seventh place.
Bradford Sabres B

8 - Bradford Sabres B New Entry

W: 10D: 0L: 1GF: 71GA: 31GD: +40PP%: 22.7PK%: 88.2
Pts: Wilson (24) G: Wilson (15) A: Wilson (9) SAV%: Barrett (0.91)
Bradford Sabres B
A bit of an unknown quantity coming into Nationals having competed in Division 2 Non-Checking and could be a surprise package. However, despite being unbeaten this season Tier III will be a step up in class and I think they may struggle. They could prove us wrong, as North has been best in non-checking nationals in the grand scheme of things.
Imperial Devils B

9 - Imperial Devils B Down 5

W: 3D: 1L: 4GF: 28GA: 32GD: -4PP%: 7.1PK%: 68.8
Pts: Upcraft (8) G: Kent (7) A: Shair (5) SAV%: Zimmerman (0.92)
Imperial Devils B
Had an ok season, but could not compete with the three teams above them and ended up finishing under .500 on the season. That being said they managed to earn a good point on the road to Oxford towards the end of their campaign and not a lot of teams have been able to hold them to just two goals. I don't expect them to be last, but I would put my mortgage on them not being first.
Newcastle Wildcats B

10 - Newcastle Wildcats B New Entry

W: 1D: 2L: 7GF: 58GA: 105GD: -47PP%: 28.6PK%: 77.8
Pts: Smith (32) G: Smith (23) A: Ballard (11) SAV%: Henderson (0.77)
Newcastle Wildcats B
Were probably lucky to have one team who were not as good as them this season to avoid relegation and when your starting goalie has a GAA of 11.47 you know you are going to struggle. Will have to rely heavily on Nick Smith who scored 23 goals in ten games if they are to stand a chance.



Group 1

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Imperial Devils B Devils B 4 2 2 0 0 6
Northumbria Kings B Kings B 4 2 2 0 0 6
Manchester Metros B Metros B 4 2 2 0 1 6
Southampton Spitfires C Spitfires C 4 1 0 3 0 2
Newcastle Wildcats B Wildcats B 4 0 0 4 0 0

Group 2

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Oxford Womens Blues Womens Blues 4 2 1 1 1 5
Sheffield Bears C Bears C 4 2 1 1 2 5
Birmingham Lions B Lions B 4 2 0 2 0 4
Bradford Sabres B Sabres B 4 2 0 2 0 4
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B Panthers B 4 1 0 3 0 2