2013-14 Tier 3 Power Rankings

Newcastle Wildcats

1 - Newcastle Wildcats New Entry

W: 7D: 1L: 1GF: 73GA: 17GD: +56PP%: 35.7PK%: 85.7
Pts: Nilsen (21) G: Nilsen (14) A: Nilsen (7) SAV%: Smith (0.91)
Newcastle Wildcats
The Wildcats were a late addition to the Non-Checking ranks this year and they look like a force to be reckoned with. They are a solid plus 51 in five games played in the cup this year (they won their last game by forfeit ultimately). The player on the team do not feature in the Cup Competition's top ten scorers and with good reason given the lack of games, but when your team averages 11.6 to just 1.4 against you must be doing something. Lest we forget that Rob Grant is back in the area now and they must be channeling his spirit every game.
Northumbria Kings B

2 - Northumbria Kings B New Entry

W: 9D: 3L: 0GF: 100GA: 17GD: +83PP%: 31.6PK%: 93.3
Pts: Steel (48) G: Steel (31) A: Steel (17) SAV%: Thomas (0.93)
Northumbria Kings B
I am sure ranking a team from Division 2 of non-checking may raise an eyebrow or two, but I think this team having won everything last year suffered from adding a B to the back of their title. They have quietly and systematically taken the competition to pieces in their division and not only that they have also taken care of all the recreational teams bold enough to challenge them in the North East. I am going out on a limb, but I would not rule out an all North East final. Rob Grant and Andy Miller just shed a tear each when I typed that, well at least I would like to think so.
Birmingham Lions B

3 - Birmingham Lions B Non Mover

W: 9D: 1L: 6GF: 77GA: 58GD: +19PP%: 23.5PK%: 87.9
Pts: Robinson (27) G: Robinson (21) A: Wells (6) SAV%: Lo Faso (0.95)
Birmingham Lions B
The Lions B won the South Tier 1 Non Checking competition on goal difference. Out of the three non-checking divisions in the cup this year the South is naturally the toughest given you must overcome three other teams. Whilst the Lions B have been impressive they have certainly not been flawless and come into nationals on the back of two defeats on the road. Will they travel well to Sheffield? That question will be answered soon enough. The other question that will be answered is whether Jonathon Amos will overcome his hangover to make the 8am Sunday start.
Imperial Devils B

4 - Imperial Devils B Up 7

W: 9D: 1L: 3GF: 72GA: 30GD: +42PP%: 7.1PK%: 94.4
Pts: Francis Coleman (32) G: Francis Coleman (21) A: Shair (11) SAV%: Zimmerman (0.96)
Imperial Devils B
The Devils B tied the Birmingham Lions B for points at the end of the season, but missed out on the south title on goal difference. Their power play is well below par for a top team in the division and so teams will not be afraid to play on the edge against them. However, that being said you may as well through the book out the window with these guys, as they are scrappers and will be a tough out in this tournament. Look for Karl Zimmerman in net to be a real x factor.
Cardiff Redhawks B

5 - Cardiff Redhawks B New Entry

W: 8D: 0L: 6GF: 57GA: 60GD: -3PP%: 5.6PK%: 95.0
Pts: Chard (23) G: Chard (18) A: Kellam (15) SAV%: Byrom (0.89)
Cardiff Redhawks B
The Breadhawks finished third in the non-checking south this year. They started the season strong with four wins out of four and then suffered two defeats on the bounce which just left them with two much to do. Cardiff finished the season plus 1 in goals despite finishing 7-0-5 in the cup which shows either one of two things. It shows they either struggle to put teams away or when they have an off night that they suck something awful. However, I am sure their spiritual leader Fraser Lewis will have sounded the war horn and one should not take these guys likely.
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B

6 - Coventry and Warwick Panthers B New Entry

W: 2D: 1L: 9GF: 30GA: 119GD: -89PP%: 7.1PK%: 61.5
Pts: Dickson (9) G: Dickson (6) A: Dickson (3) SAV%: Kennard (0.86)
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B
I almost missed these guys out of the rankings, as I was too busy assessing their C team's chances. I am going to take the liberty of assuminig that the B team entered into non-checking nationals is the same B team that played Division 2 South Checking. That team conceded 100 goals in the eight games they played in this season. Having said that I cannot write them off into obscurity as they did score on average over two goals a game in the division. I am ranking them here as I fear they may struggle to adjust, but they are an outside bet for a semi final berth.
Hull Ice Hogs B

7 - Hull Ice Hogs B Non Mover

W: 5D: 2L: 2GF: 35GA: 22GD: +13PP%: 22.2PK%: 85.7
Pts: Wade (11) G: Wade (8) A: Everington (3) SAV%: Lill (0.92)
Hull Ice Hogs B
Hull B's record this year in the cup is all out of kilter due to ice rink floods and forfeits etc. What I do know is that they have not been too shabby when they have played. Finishing as a bridesmaid to Newcastle this season in non-checking is no insult. I happen to know from my sources that the Hull B team finished 4-0-2, which you would see on the table if they would get their finger out and upload the game sheet. They finished strong in March with an 8-1 away win to Sheffield Bears B and a 7-0 win against Manchester Metrostars C. If pigs could fly I might predict a semi final berth for these guys, but just now I see a solid mid pool finish.
Oxford Womens Blues

8 - Oxford Womens Blues Up 4

W: 5D: 1L: 6GF: 59GA: 44GD: +15PP%: 13.3PK%: 57.1
Pts: Scott (31) G: Scott (23) A: Smith (9) SAV%: Clarke (0.82)
Oxford Womens Blues
Placing Oxford will most probably draw the ire of the Warwick and Coventry Panthers C, but then they'll remember that OUIHC veteran Ioana Gagea has organised the Minions night out on Saturday (subliminal advertising at its best here folks) and will hear me out. I accept that when you look at the table in isolation I look foolish here, but you have to think of our friend Mo (momentum) when drafting these things and the Oxford team has that in spades from the tail end of the season. They started 1-5-0 and finished 4-1-1. Their only loss in the latter half of the season being on the road to a top notch Imperial College Devils B team. I should also mention the solid run in started with a 8-0 road win against the aforesaid Panthers C.
Coventry and Warwick Panthers C

9 - Coventry and Warwick Panthers C Down 1

W: 6D: 0L: 6GF: 41GA: 42GD: -1PP%: 9.7PK%: 100.0
Pts: Landon (20) G: Landon (14) A: Carpenter (8) SAV%: Kennard (0.90)
Coventry and Warwick Panthers C
The Panthers C finished with a .500 record this year and were completely in the middle of the pack in fourth place. They did finish with some solid results and will certainly look to build on that. They were also one of only three teams to beat table toppers, Birmingham Lions B this season in the cup. They will probably hold true to form this nationals and finish somewhere in the middle of their pool. Look out for Jack Brazil's chirps, they have been nothing short of embarrassing this season.
Southampton Spitfires C

10 - Southampton Spitfires C New Entry

W: 4D: 1L: 7GF: 28GA: 52GD: -24PP%: 0.0PK%: 96.0
Pts: Betts (11) G: Betts (7) A: Betts (4) SAV%: Atkins (0.89)
Southampton Spitfires C
Probably the banter champions of twitter this season, but I am not sure how that will translate to on ice performance. The Spitfires C to me present as a team that know how to play at home. Out of their nine cup points they picked up seven of those in Gosport. I think they will struggle having to play on a bigger pad all weekend. In short I do not think they will do a great deal of damage, but they'll have fun with it anyway.
Manchester Metros C

11 - Manchester Metros C Down 5

W: 4D: 4L: 5GF: 74GA: 92GD: -18PP%: 16.7PK%: 89.5
Pts: Hapgood (24) G: Hapgood (18) A: MacKinnon (9) SAV%: Hageman (0.92)
Manchester Metros C
The Metrostars C finished third out of the four teams in their conference this season on goal difference. They had no wins in cup competition finishing 0-2-4. Their saving grace may be their enthusiasm to play extra challenge games which saw them pick up some wins. Regrettably for them those wins were against Tier 4 teams. They'll have to go some to avoid propping up their pool's table when the weekend is over.
Sheffield Bears C

12 - Sheffield Bears C Down 3

W: 0D: 2L: 4GF: 12GA: 45GD: -33PP%: 6.3PK%: 82.4
Pts: Jones (5) G: Jones (4) A: Assadi (2) SAV%: Jones (0.87)
Sheffield Bears C
Somebody better call somebody a Sheffield team ranked last in the Power Rankings at Nationals? This would never of happened if they had of picked up a win or two this season. Finishing 0-2-4 and in last position on goal difference this season in the cup I cannot see much noise being made on the ice by the Bears C, though I do anticipate that bloody megaphone will be present.



Group 1

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Manchester Metros C Metros C 5 4 1 0 0 9
Northumbria Kings B Kings B 5 3 2 0 1 8
Imperial Devils B Devils B 5 3 1 1 1 7
Coventry and Warwick Panthers B Panthers B 5 2 0 3 0 4
Birmingham Lions B Lions B 5 1 0 4 0 2
Oxford Womens Blues Womens Blues 5 0 0 5 0 0

Group 2

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Sheffield Bears C Bears C 5 4 1 0 0 9
Newcastle Wildcats Wildcats 5 3 2 0 0 8
Hull Ice Hogs B Hogs B 5 2 2 1 0 6
Cardiff Redhawks B Redhawks B 5 2 0 3 0 4
Southampton Spitfires C Spitfires C 5 1 1 3 0 3
Coventry and Warwick Panthers C Panthers C 5 0 0 5 0 0