2015-16 Tier 2 Power Rankings

Nottingham Mavericks B

1 - Nottingham Mavericks B Up 8

W: 8D: 2L: 2GF: 66GA: 40GD: +26PP%: 21.9PK%: 76.9
Pts: Hopkins (25) G: Hopkins (16) A: Standen (11) SAV%: Vayrynen (0.94)
Nottingham Mavericks B
This is a bold choice considering they did not win their division, but had it not been for two early season defeats this team would be in the playoffs and Nationals are all about peaking at the right time. This team have four wins and one draw (on the road to the Lions) in 2016 and so look hot coming in. We all know that Nottingham can do the damage at any level and I am sure this team will be no exception. This could be a fine weekend for Robin Hood country and may even reflect the Hopkins' Dynasty Era.
Cardiff Redhawks

2 - Cardiff Redhawks Up 2

W: 7D: 1L: 3GF: 59GA: 37GD: +22PP%: 21.1PK%: 79.4
Pts: Price (21) G: Price (11) A: Seymour (10) SAV%: McGirr (0.90)
Cardiff Redhawks
This has to be the best opportunity the Redhawks have had in a long time. Other than a close road loss to Kent they have been a strong side this season finishing with 15-4 win to end the campaign on the road to Oxford Vikings. They have six players averaging a point per game or better and so they can bag points from more than just a line. I would have had them first placed had they not of drawn the same group as the Lions. It could be what seems like 1,000th (I couldn't work how to do the infinity sign) lucky for Dave Rogers this year.
Birmingham Lions

3 - Birmingham Lions Up 2

W: 10D: 3L: 3GF: 96GA: 40GD: +56PP%: 16.3PK%: 87.2
Pts: Nicholson (47) G: Nicholson (28) A: Nicholson (19) SAV%: Sharman (0.93)
Birmingham Lions
It is a little unfair to not put them down as first or second. They have had more game time that Cardiff, they have two of the Tier's top points scorers and won the North ahead of Nottingham. However, the end to their cup season has been pretty uninspiring with three draws in their final three games which saw them limping into the playoff by a point over the Mavericks B. They'll need to find that early season form if they are to have any hopes of a Nationals/Playoff double.
Sheffield Bears B

4 - Sheffield Bears B Up 4

W: 6D: 3L: 3GF: 55GA: 33GD: +22PP%: 14.8PK%: 70.6
Pts: Tang (18) G: Tang (12) A: Brooke-Smith (12) SAV%: Humm (1.00)
Sheffield Bears B
They are the home town team and find themselves in a group with only one team that look capable of taking them down. As with any Sheffield team they normally can produce something at Nationals and this team should be no exception. They have thirteen players producing over a point per game and will be backstopped by one of four competent netminders. I therefore do not doubt that both the Bears and (sigh) that blinking megaphone will be still be lurking about when we enter the knockout stages.
Southampton Spitfires

5 - Southampton Spitfires New Entry

W: 4D: 0L: 4GF: 58GA: 30GD: +28PP%: 19.2PK%: 95.7
Pts: Hall (19) G: Becker (10) A: Hall (10) SAV%: Moravek (0.94)
Southampton Spitfires
I wasn't sure where to rank the Spitfires in Tier 2, because we all know in the past they have entered Nationals with truly woeful cup records and then suddenly morph into Gifford's Greats almost overnight (or as quickly as you can say new registration) and that's in Tier 1. This year they are a respectable .500 in the cup. Also seeing that 'Magic' Moravek has been in between the pipes leads me to believe that they will be really tough to beat given the type of performances he is known for. I wouldn't be surprised if they do well this year even without their deadline acquisitions.
Coventry and Warwick Panthers

6 - Coventry and Warwick Panthers New Entry

W: 8D: 1L: 0GF: 197GA: 10GD: +187PP%: 45.5PK%: 81.8
Pts: Meadows (103) G: Meadows (72) A: Ipatjevs (31) SAV%: Karttunen (0.92)
Coventry and Warwick Panthers
This was probably the toughest team to place given they did not enter a cup team in checking this year, so I have stuck them right in the middle in the hope of not looking like a trumpet either way. I am not sure if they have made any late signings to bolster their squad, but if Jack 'Mr 13 points a game' Meadows etc are playing then I am sure they can do OK if they can cope with the physicality. I am sure if you have ridiculous stats in the Tier below that you don't suddenly lose it, because you might get tickled on the boards.
Newcastle Wildcats

7 - Newcastle Wildcats Down 1

W: 6D: 1L: 5GF: 58GA: 67GD: -9PP%: 23.5PK%: 88.0
Pts: Holstovs (32) G: Zajac (14) A: Holstovs (18) SAV%: Smith (0.85)
Newcastle Wildcats
The Wildcats really are in the group of death. They are not in Whitley Bay this weekend, which seems to have been their safety net this season. They have picked up only one of their 5 earned wins (they have a sixth forfeit win) on the road. With goal tending (perhaps caused by poor D) that can be described as shaky at best I predict they will beat rush hour traffic onto the A1. They will have to feed off their big producers in Holstovs, Zajac et all if they have any hope of leaving this group.
Hull Ice Hogs

8 - Hull Ice Hogs Down 5

W: 3D: 2L: 8GF: 49GA: 89GD: -40PP%: 25.0PK%: 88.9
Pts: Robinson (17) G: Robinson (10) A: Lill (12) SAV%: Cook (0.91)
Hull Ice Hogs
Like Newcastle, Hull are another team that have done well at home and in fact have only won when playing in the 'Pig Pen' this season. I suppose their luck will depend on which little piggies stay home, but realistically I don't give them much of a chance. I am not sure if pigs take baths, but I don't see them getting out the pool.
Northumbria Kings B

9 - Northumbria Kings B New Entry

W: 7D: 0L: 9GF: 87GA: 92GD: -5PP%: 34.6PK%: 63.3
Pts: Steel (22) G: Steel (15) A: Ivill (11) SAV%: Perrie (0.87)
Northumbria Kings B
Ranked third last largely because there are two other teams that were slightly more dreadful. They have some real scoring talent with Daniel Steel, Nick Ivill (making sure I get a cake) and I even found an Elliott Cowburn who tore it up in the one game he played, but for every goal they score they give up 1.59 and those poor stats are magnified in Nationals. No better than third in the group is my prediction.
Bradford Sabres

10 - Bradford Sabres Non Mover

W: 2D: 1L: 9GF: 37GA: 61GD: -24PP%: 10.7PK%: 90.6
Pts: Kirkava (23) G: Kirkava (12) A: Kirkava (11) SAV%: Passmore (0.93)
Bradford Sabres
The Sabres own victories over the Bears B and the Wildcats this season, but beyond that have not fared well. Despite their poor record they have not been blown away in any of the games they have played and the problem for them appears to be the inability to score, as opposed to a poor defensive game. Incidentally I might have ranked them higher if they had not been in such a tough group, as I do feel a strong game defensively wins these shortened matches, but you cannot ignore that despite any positive spin you may want to put on it they just can't seem to get the job done.
Oxford Vikings

11 - Oxford Vikings New Entry

W: 1D: 1L: 6GF: 34GA: 74GD: -40PP%: 20.8PK%: 92.9
Pts: Gastaldi (17) G: Gastaldi (11) A: McGlynn (6) SAV%: Mirus (0.84)
Oxford Vikings
Aren't Vikings meant to go plundering instead of being plundered? Well that has not been the case this year. This team won the first game of the cup season and then just imploded finishing with only that win to their name and -40 goal difference. Perhaps it was a reprieve that they could not complete find an ice slot to play Cardiff. This team will be lucky to do much based on form and their year as a whole. Definitely merit a last place ranking.



Group 1

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Cardiff Redhawks Redhawks 5 3 2 0 0 8
Newcastle Wildcats Wildcats 5 3 2 0 5 8
Southampton Spitfires Spitfires 5 2 2 1 1 6
Birmingham Lions Lions 5 2 1 2 6 5
Coventry and Warwick Panthers Panthers 5 1 0 4 0 2
Bradford Sabres Sabres 5 0 1 4 0 1

Group 2

Team GP W D L PP* Pts
Sheffield Bears B Bears B 4 2 2 0 0 6
Nottingham Mavericks B Mavericks B 4 2 2 0 0 6
Northumbria Kings B Kings B 4 1 2 1 0 4
Hull Ice Hogs Hogs 4 2 0 2 1 4
Oxford Vikings Vikings 4 0 0 4 0 0