• Sport Development Internship

    Posted on Thu 24th November, 2016

    We are currently looking for an individual with experience in developing opportunities to participate in ice hockey at university level.  The role will involve working with the executive committee in developing a range of new competitions and services to support the development in the key parts of the university sector and working to expand current opportunities to continue the organisations growth.

    The BUIHA has grown from 5 teams 15 years ago to over 50 and has sustained this level for a number of years.  Key growth areas include the introduction of new people to the sport partcipating in non-checking competitions in addition to female partcipation and the BUIHA would like to explore areas of development to support these two key groups.

    Applications may be made to the Chairman via email to chairman@buiha.org.uk via a CV with the option of a supporting statement.  Applications will close on 9th December 2016.